Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thrift Shop Treasures!

Just one follower now (*sniff.. sniff*), and he sees me all the time, haha. Oh well. Build it and they will come, I guess. Maybe when I start making some amazing prims, people will want to stop in and say hi, haha.

I've been so jealous/inspired by what I see all you other prim bloggers finding at tag sales and such that I decided to go on a little spree at a cute little thrift shop down the street from me called Amy's Attic. I made the mistake once of passing up a cute set of wooden bowls. I soon learned that "sleeping on it" can result in continuous regret every time I pass by where it used to be on the shelf. Not today! I've been eyeballing some adorable old bucket containers on a fixture full of neat little antiques. I had to actually ask the lady that works there what a "smudge pot" was, and she ended up Googling it right there, haha. Anyways, enough talk. Pictures!

I'm not sure what to do with this little lady, but she was only a dollar and I liked the simplicity of her. I wish she had a companion (I'm a sucker for old Mr. and Mrs. sets).

I found this cute little shelf for $3 at Salvation Army, and I'm hoping to repaint it, age it, etc. Hopefully (if I actually go through with it), I can put it in my living room for a less boring apartment-like look. :/

Kind of a bad picture because of the flash, but this little shelf is so tiny and adorable, I had to have it. The candle holders were a pleasant find as well. :)

I like the wood look, so I picked up these dirt cheap odds and ends. I'm already trying to plot out some grungy ornies or tiny wreath to hang from the banana holder. I love the candle holder, too...

I have no idea what I'm going to do with this tiny covered bowl, but I absolutely love it. That skinny candle was marked "free" on the price tag, haha.
 I rmember talking to the lady who was selling it there, and she kept trying to lower the price last time I was there. "25 cents? How about 10? 10 cents." I simply didn't know what to do with it, but that didn't stop me this time. And how could I beat FREE? Haha...

Here comes the good stuff. A perfect candle holder for rosehips and cinnamon sticks, an old tin container for some nice autumn picks and maybe Sweet Annie (if I can ever find the stuff), and if I'm correct, an old bed warmer. I couldn't believe it. I was debating whether or not to get it because again, I had no idea what I would do with it, but for 50 cents... why not? Haha.

Now for some of my favorite purchases of the day. I fell in love with that old "cookie" container ($12) and I FINALLY got ahold of some wooden bowls. I'm not too crazy about the small ones, but hey, for 25 cents each, who cares? The candles were lovely as well. I need to get some old pots so I can grunge those up a bit.

Needless to say, I am quite happy with my finds for the day. I ordered some rusty tin wire and star garland last night from Winter Garden Primitives, a beautiful little e-shoppe. If you haven't looked around, I recommend you do so when you get the chance. I finally got ahold of some Spanish moss and some beautiful pip berry picks from Michael's last night as well. I love this stuff, I'm so excited, haha. *squeee*

I've started a quick project using a freebie pattern from Tennessee Ridge Primitives, another amazing shoppe. I keep eyeballing her pattern auctions on ebay, but then I tell myself I shouldn't spend the money. I usually don't use patterns anyways, but I feel it would be nice to get into the swing of things before I go all free-for-all about it. I am new to this, after all.

Anyways, time to go to the drive-in with some great friends, have a lot of laughs, and eat some fried dough.


  1. well you found some wonderful items and at some fantastic prices too..I can't wait to see how you redo them all..the pilgrim would look great hanging on a wall or your door with some pumpkins and a big old turkey..;)I have a few of tenessee ridge patterns can go to and they have a freebie section too...might find some more things to make..hope you had fun at the drive in tonight..what did you see?

  2. Yet another wonderful piece of advice you give me, haha. I got a neat freebie pattern called "Louie and Pete" from Olde Rustic Prims. Thanks yet again. :)

    Ooh, a turkey is a great idea... I like the way you think, haha.

    I ended up seeing Vampires Suck (Twilight Parody), which wasn't very good and Toy Story 3, which I loved. I remember loving the first one as a kid. :D

  3. Hi Jessica, I came over from Gina's, I love fall, Halloween, nature and animals too:) It's nice to meet you and you got some awesome stuff there;)

  4. I found your blog on Gina's blog. Love all your thrifty finds.....I love going to yard sales, flea marts, etc and browsing through all the treasures (My hubby, Rich calls it junk..yet he seems to cart home as much as I do! LOL!!!!) Looking forward to reading your future blogging.

  5. I love the goodies you found at the thrift store! I really need to go thrifting again. It is fun. :)

  6. And now you have 6 stalkers! I really like the old school cookie jar.

  7. Wow, hello everyone! Thanks for stopping in to say hi. :)

    I can't wait to go thrift shop hunting again, haha. I should set aside a day (or two) to just drive around Connecticut and see what random shops I can find. <3