Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blogger noob.

I mainly made this for my art stuff and to be able to type more than is appropriate for a Facebook status (although I know several people who annoyingly post essays on a regular basis). I'll start by posting what I've made thus far. I've only been making prims and sewing in general for maybe a month tops, so it's not amazing yet, but I enjoy what I do (a lot), which is what matters to me right now.

I'll start off with the little guy I made before I had a sewing machine when I was just dying to see what awesome little creation I could use cheesecloth for. This is Spooks.

I added the hat because I didn't like the shape of his head. It was too round and person-like.

Next, upon the purchase of a sewing machine, I made Lily Anne and her little kitty Salem. I was going to leave her without hair, but she looked too weird without it, so I finally caved in and attempted to attach some yarn at the risk of making her look even worse. I believe that it was a fine decision.

After making Salem to sit on Lily Anne's lap, I decided that the kitty was cute, but an entire BASKET of them would be adorable. Lo and behold.. a basket of kitties! *squeeee*

After Lily Anne and my kitty spree, I was feeling kind of lonely at the time, so I decided to make a sweet little couple. This turned into a two day adventure of switching shirt colors and resizing overalls, etc. which finally resulted in Mr. and Mrs. Crowscare. And yes, I left them faceless on purpose. I think they have plenty of personality and warmth just being together. If you separate them, they kind of lose their touch, as weird as that sounds.

Finally, my most recent prim project was the Three Brothers and some candy corn ornies (were not originally meant to be associated, but I felt the candy corn added a lot to the little display I had). It took me forever trying to decide what materials to use for each piece of each face, but in the end, I am pretty happy with the way they came out. Especially the black one. I started off with the classic, very standard prim orange one, but wanted to make each one different. I absolutely love the way they all turned out.

I started dabbling in painting with acrylics, too. I enjoy it a lot as well. There's so many things I'd like to paint now, but I need to fine-tune my detail work first. Shading and texture, in particular. Once I get the hang of it, I can do the more in-depth stuff, but for now, I'm just attempting some plain and simple pictures (Halloween of course). I've snuck in a swing to each one, and I'd like to continue doing this, but I know at some point, it's just not going to fit in. But for now, that little symbol of my childhood peaceful place in the woods at my grandmother's house will make a cameo whenever I can allow. Also, my camera and the lighting used make the pictures look a bit different (crappier and less detailed).

This is my first acrylic painting ever. I love the way the sky came out, but I hate that tree. I only had a few brushes at the time and they were garbage at that. I've since A.) gotten better brushes and B.) learned how to control the amount of paint slopped onto the canvas better.

My second painting I'm not so fond of. I went for a more autumny (yeah, it's a word now) ground scheme, and when I added the blades of grass in fromt of the gravestones, it just made them look like they were on fire. Plus I hate the way the little girl's ghost came out. Yeah, that's supposed to be a ghost. I'd like to learn how to get a more transparent kind of look... In due time. I rushed this in the end and trimmed off a bunch of negative space at the bottom because I already decided I wasn't happy with it (after about 5 hours of work) and just wanted it to be "done". There is soooo much I dislike about this picture, but hey, it was only my second one and you can't win 'em all.

My third and last painting I was a bit happier with, although my brain pretty much froze and prevented me from coming up with anything creative to do with all the negative space around the cat that was just dying to be added to. I was happy that my shading progressed (from non-existant to attempted at least). I am obsessed with detail (I am an Accounting major after all), so seeing myself improve in that department is especially gratifying. :)

Anyways, that's all I've got so far. Hopefully I'll improve lots and maintain the motivation to work on these things. I'll be starting my last semester in two weeks, so after that, who knows? I'll probably be freaking out about deadlines and exams as usual. That could either make me feel the need to be more creative or it could kill my schedule and motivation to do anything but sit and relax once I'm home. We'll see.

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