Monday, August 23, 2010

Apartment pictures!

I love sharing pictures, if that hasn't been obvious yet, haha. Anyways, I thought I'd post some pictures of my apartment as it is right now. It's always work in progress, considering I love decorating and changing my environment periodically.

First, the living room. Excuse the exercise bike. There really is nowhere else to put that thing, haha.

The potato box thingy won't be staying there, I just don't have a spot in mind to put it yet. Gina brought up a good point, so I may put it in the kitchen for plastic bags or recyclables. Both of which are usually just stuffed into my dining room closet out of sight, lol. And that magazing is my Country Sampler, which has soooo many photos for me to drool over.

Next, I'll show the dining area. I don't often have visitors here and it's one of the few spaces I have to keep my crafting stuff, so it's more like a work area/eat-something-once-in-a-while area. Ignore the broken sewing machine. :(

This is where I keep all my fabric, sewing stuff, and extras. That apple barrel thingy is full of hay, exelsior, and spanish moss (which I bought right before my sewing machine bit the dust, so I have yet to use). Sorry for the mess on the floor. That's where the fan sits when it's not in a window, and I couldn't fit the rest of the Poly-fil in that little stand.

Now the bathroom. I warn you in advance, the color orange kind of threw up all over the place in there, so it's reeeally bright, but I needed a change from the mismatched blue, pink, and green back in my springtime phase... :/ It's also pretty hard to get a picture of the whole thing, considering that I can't stand back far enough to capture much. I had to get in the tub for the picture on the right, haha.

I will not be showing any of my bedroom. It's a mishmosh of Halloween/gothic stuff, band posters, and a few decorations I don't have a place for yet. Basically, it needs to be completely redone, but I don't know if that's something I'll take on, considering that I move out in five months... I will, however, show you the premade wreath I fell in love with from Michael's a few years ago (can you tell I love that store?) which hangs outside my bedroom door.

Thanks again for stopping in! Seeing all your blogs is so inspiring, really. The only problem is, I followed so many of you at once, that now if I want to go back and find something specific that I saw in someone's post, I have no idea which blog it came from, haha.

Anywho, I think I'm going to go visit my great grandmother for a bit and enjoy the cold air we have today from my swing in her wooded back yard... I love it there. :) Have a nice day, all.


  1. Oh Jessica, I love your sweet little apt..and I must say I love your the shower curtain and the toilet stuff too...;) I had no idea they made those in Holiday themes.;) I hope you enjoyed your visit with your great grandma-ma..;) why are you moving? okay take care..I sent you an email..;)

  2. I also love the bathroom stuff! I would love to do that!! =) Great Blog Also!

  3. Your apartment looks so welcoming! You did a great job! And I love your bathroom. The shower curtain is just great.