Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Following Frenzy

I'm finally getting the hang of this Blogger thing, and I've been exposed to a smorgasbord of amazing blogs. So if you see me frequently returning to your page, I'm not being creepy... I'm either drooling over the beautiful primitives I see or am clicking every available link you offer to find more prims to drool over, and so on...

I'm becoming obsessed, haha. I wish I had a beautiful old cottage home instead of this ugly white-walled apartment. Some day... And THAT is something to give me motivation in my final semester of college.


  1. Hey there, a girl after my own heart..I too Love!!! halloween, fall, primitives etc...I love the dolls and things you've been making..you can surely fill up those white walls with all the great things you are making..you could even get yards of fabric and dip them into liquid starch and wall paper your walls...it comes off super easy and they won't know you hung it up.;) have a good one.;)

  2. Wow! I've never heard that idea, it sounds amazing. Thanks so much, I'll have to try it. :D

  3. I too, love fall time. Wicthes and brooms, just everything I love. I am happy that I found your blog.

    I have already started to decorate and I don't care what people think, it is what your family thinks that matters!!

    Have a great day!