Friday, December 31, 2010

You Never Know. (RIP Ma)

Ma, my great-grandmother, had a massive stroke on December 17. After a long week of sleep and morphine, she passed away on Christmas Eve, 2010. She was an amazing woman - the most soft-spoken and generous human being I have ever had the privilage of knowing. She was one of the only family members I had been close to all throughout my life, and I will miss her very much. I've told her everything I wanted to say both while she was well and while I held her hand in the hospital. When she was "unconscious", she stroked my hand with her thumb for several minutes as if to comfort me and tell me she knew I was there, and that I would be okay. I still can't believe she will never be in that chair again, but such is life, and I need to be strong and move forward. I love you always, Ma.

The main reason I'm posting about this in my Blogger after disappearing for so long is because Pooh, the kitty I made for Ma in September, was buried with her yesterday. I wasn't sure how she felt about it when I first gave it to her, but over time, she often told me she said good morning to it every day, and loved that I made it for her. The second day she was in the hospital, I brought Pooh to her room and told her while she was sleeping, "I brought your Pooh kitty, Ma. He's sitting on the window sill watching over you." Out of a deep sleep, she actually opened her eyes and tried to turn her head to see him. My point is, you never know how much your creativity can touch someone, or how it will impact lives. You also never know when you will lose someone you love. I've found that it's important to love deeply, live fully, be creative, and share generously.

February 7, 1917 - December 24, 2010

Take care of her, Pooh kitty.