Thursday, August 26, 2010

So much to do...

Hello all, and I apologize for not really having much to show lately. I still haven't found a new sewing machine and I've been getting mentally prepared for school (I start my last semester on Tuesday, ugh) while trying to find a new car... I also decided to take on the project of redoing my room, haha. I have this massive blank space over my computer desk just BEGGING me to make something to put there. I need to make another doll to put in a basket on my other wall, too. So much to do!

I'm really worried about the start of school. I usually stress myself out way more than I should, and on top of school being school, I'm terrified of bringing my piece of junk car on the highway... It started making really loud, deep humming noises and blowing raspberries at me last time I had to go for a bit of a drive. My college is a half hour drive on mostly highway... I toggle between cussing at the car and pleading apologetically with it to get me to and from my destination safely any time I drive it, haha. :(

I decided to put the table I borrowed from Ma in a corner of my room instead of the dining area. I can actually see it now, and the smell of cinnamon sticks is amazing in here, haha.

This is all I have redone so far. I finally painted that shelf black and put it up. A picture of my old childhood best friend (a kitty named Sheebah) and my first little critter (an amazingly loving and smart rat named October) are up there with a candle for each of them and one of my favorite Halloween decorations. (I refuse to believe that the shelf is crooked. That thing was being SUCH a pain in the butt to get up there.)

Anywho, that's all I have to share for now. I hope to be back in the swing of things sometime soon and have some actual creations to show. Thanks for stopping by and have a good one.

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  1. I love your room and love that little shelf with your beloved kitty and love the little haunted tree too..come the first of September..I will send your box off to you..;)have a wonderful weekend and I hope you find a car and sewing machine soon..;)you know I look forward to seeing if you've posted..I enjoying seeing what you are up too..and getting inspired too.:)