Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sorry I've been MIA.

I haven't forgotten about any of you, and I have still been reading a bunch of blogs. I'm super busy with classes and my internship lately, and I'm dirt broke now that I've gotten my car fixed after over a year of it needing a new engine (yay, cars!), so my crafting has been at a temporary halt. I did however get a rush of excitement when my sweet annie arrived from Raspberry Lane Primitives! It was beautifully wrapped, too. :D

The wrapping paper that the package came in was pretty funny. I'm a very un-Tinkerbell kind of girl, so I loved the unintentional irony, haha.

It all smells so good. This is going to sound weird, but it smells like something I used to feed my beloved pet rat, so after several years, this was a pretty nostalgic scent. :)

I finally stuffed my "Old Witch" stockings (pattern by Tennessee Ridge Primitives) with the sweet annie I've been wanting for so long. I LOVE them now, instead of glaring at them, dreading how empty and unenthusiastic they look. Once again, my camera fails to do justice. (I have since put more in the "witch" stocking after seeing the lack of balance from this photo, haha.)

Oh and Gina, this one's for you, haha (they stick out like a sore thumb, eh?):

Other than school, my internship, and dealing with my car, I am embarassed to admit that I have started up another hobby that I actually started crafting to keep myself from. This is going to sound silly, but I used to be HIGHLY addicted to an online video game called World of Warcraft. I quit a few months back (again) and started sewing prims to keep myself doing something, and I was happy with it. Then my friend from Idaho offered to pay for my monthly account fee so I would come back and play with him again. Needless to say... I'm sucked back in, haha. I haven't told my friends, and I have no intention to. I'm pretty sick of the jokes. Anyways, I have NOT given up on crafting and I still love prims to pieces, I've just been really stressed and unmotivated to sew recently. I do cart my sewing machine and massive bag of fabric, etc. with me to Ma's every Monday, so I at least have that time to sit and craft. There's no internet there, either, haha! I promise you, I am not done crafting, and I will have plenty new goodies to share. But yes, if you haven't heard of World of Warcraft or it's effect on people, it's a little something like this:


  1. You play Wow? So do I!! I have recently taking a break well sort of anyway! it's just one of those games soooo addicting and noone understands lol!! E-mail me your server and name in game I will add you to friends!

  2. oh I love the witch stockings you made..they look fabulous..and I love!!! those flipping socks on almost glow in the the kittys..I hope you do keep up your sewing and blogging cause I really love stopping by for a visit...have a great weekend.:)

  3. Hi Jess: Sorry about the tinkerbell wrap...wanted something prim but couldn't find just the right thing...thought every girl loves tinkerbell...she's cute but sassy and that's what I like about her!! The stockings look fabulous!!! Now don't stay away too long with that game!!