Wednesday, September 8, 2010

For those of you in the CT area...

Image from Tessier's website

I went to Tessier's Changes of Thyme today as I said I would the other day, and I absolutely fell in love. The whole building, every item in the shop, I was just completely overwhelmed. It was what my dream home would be... I was there for a good hour and a half just looking around and chatting with Jerrie, the woman that runs everything. She's a very nice woman and the way she's set up and decorated the renovated barn is just breath-taking...

Anyways, the point of this was to remind those that might not know that they are having their annual Harvest Sale this weekend. Click --> here <-- for more details from their website. Trust me, with all the amazing items for sale here, you will want to take advantage of the 20% off everything. I know I'll be back first thing Friday morning.

That shop definitely put things into perspective for me relating to my crafting and my standards. Everything there blows my work out of the water. On one hand, that makes me feel pretty unhappy and discouraged, but I guess it also gives me inspiration to improve.

I fell in love with a tiny little prairie doll there, but it was the only item that didn't have a price tag (that's my luck). So I brought it out to Jerrie and asked how much it was and she told me it depends on the artist that made it, etc, and that that doll in particular was $35!!! I learned a lesson today: I need to continue with this Accounting degree if I ever want to afford a primitive home, haha. I didn't buy the doll, but I can't stop thinking about her. I don't know why, she's so small and simple, and way out of my price range, but something about her made me feel like I couldn't leave that store without her... even though I finally forced myself out the door... Le sigh... Hopefully I "get over her" before I go back Friday morning. I know with all the money I need to put into my car soon, I have no money to spend on this stuff, let alone $35 for a tiny doll...

Anywho, check out Tessier's this weekend during the sale. Maybe I'll see a blogger friend or two there, haha. Take care.

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  1. oh what a fun place to be..what did the little praire doll look like?have a wonderful thursday.:)