Monday, September 13, 2010

Pooh kitty for Ma. :)

I am sooooo happy with the way Pooh came out! I hope Ma loves him as much as I do. I'll have to make one of these for myself, too, hahaha. He is so sweet. :) Feel free to click on the pictures for a bigger photo.

He's a soft, painted, stained, cinnamon-rubbed, and sanded muslin kitty (my own design) with a homespun bow and a rusty safety pin holding on his rusty little bell. His arms and legs are "jointed", so he can either sit up or lay down. I really do need to make more of these. He took a long time to stuff and paint (I went through an entire season of Good Eats in the meantime), but it was so worth it. He's stuffed with rags and poly-fil (actually, dollar store wash cloths because I didn't have any old rags lying around), so he's just the right amount of firm and heavy.

Pooh was always very proud of himself and flaunted his big fluffy tail like it was a trophy, haha.

I'll be going out to Manchester to take care of Ma tonight, and I can't wait to give this to her. I really enjoyed making something with someone else in mind. I usually see something online, get inspired, and try to make something similar for myself (but always end up doing something way different), but this time, I had a very specific goal in mind. What would Ma like? A happy kitty. :) I really do hope she likes him. <3

I hope everyone has a happy, relaxing Monday. Take care. :)


  1. Oh Jessica, your pooh is abgsolutely wonderful!!! your Ma will love him..I would love you to make me one..I will gladly pay you for him..this would look so great in my home with all my other kitty collections..and you ought to sell your pattern..I haven't seen anything like are a great little talent.;) enjoy your day..I do hope that package arrives today.:>)

  2. oh for your all of your material clippings..thats what I do to stuff my dolls.:)

  3. Jessica Marie....thanks so much for stopping by Bee Haven Acres, and for adding yourself to my followers. I thought I would stop by and visit you also. Your projects are wonderful. I just love the kitty!! I am sure your Ma will love it too. I will check back from time to time to see what you have created!