Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's in the air...

Last night was the first night this year that I've felt that familiar crisp feeling in the air - that cold that almost starts to hurt your nostrils when you take a deep breath of it. My best friend moved just down the street from me for now, so I'll get to walk in the beautiful autumn breeze more often. I just need to start bringing a thicker jacket. It was freezing last night (finally!). This was my first autumn bonfire! :D It was so good to just hang around with the heat of the fire, have a few beers, and laugh with everyone. It was one of those nights full of "little things". <3

Anyways, I've been suuuuper busy with school, internship, etc. It turns out that I ended up getting called for two interviews from the career fair I went to a little while back, both of which being this upcoming week. I'm sooo nervous. I've never had a "real" interview before. I work at Hot Topic, and when I was interviewed over 6 years ago, it was a group interview and it was a bit more laid back (it's still a "real" job, don't get me wrong). Now it's going to be super formal, dressed to impress, with resume in hand... It's crazy to think how fast we grow up. And scary. Did I mention scary?

I've been feeling kind of inspired to make something recently, I just have no time to do so... :(  It seems everyone is already onto making Christmas stuff, and I'm not willing to rush my absolute favorite day of the year (Halloween) away for that, so I've kind of taken one step back from the blogging thing. I want to thoroughly enjoy my autumn without winter butting it's nose in, haha (kind of like when they put Christmas trees out for sale in August).

I'm glad to see everyone's still crafting and painting away. I still want to make several things (I have a list in my head), so hopefully soon I can get some done sometime soon. I know I'll want to make Gram's witch by Halloween (her birthday) and some cute prairie dolls with little bags of sweet annie. :] Anywho, take care all. Take a deep breath of that autumn air. :D

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  1. glad to see you are back..I have missed you blogging..good luck on your interviews...;)