Monday, August 15, 2011

Old Sturbridge Village

I have a dollie in the works, but there's still a few things I want to add to her... I just don't know what. So in the meantime, I will post some pictures I forgot I had of Old Sturbridge Village when I went on my birthday back in May. My camera is very fickle, and most of my pictures came out blurry unless I was outside, so I don't really have many good ones of the homes and shops, etc. :/ It was early Spring and my eyes were full of tears almost the entire time because my allergies were destroying me, but I took a lot of pictures to look at when my eyes could see things again. I took almost 300 pictures... So this will be a "brief" look at what I was oogling. Enjoy. :)

This squirrel stole my heart... and someone else's pizza.

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  1. love the photos..they turned out really good..hope your week is starting off right.;)